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Download the FREE Ride Loca Driver App from the Google Play or App Store on your smartphone. Use your phone number to create an account.

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Upload your documents in the app. Dundee City manager would review and approve your application. If there are any problems with your documents, we will contact you.

3. Start receiving jobs

Be 100% flexible with no weekly fees, work when you want. Boost your income, Be in control.

Drive with us

Let’s make your driving Job fun again by giving you more control, greater flexibility and best of all boost your income. We are a company that understands drivers needs and respects their values. We will do our best to help overcome challenges and we pro mise to make the right choices to help us succeed together. We want to make your job safer and more enjoyable where you work less to earn more, so you can spend extra time in doing what you love to do the most. We do this by helping reduce your dead miles b y trying to get you more work and improving your overall earnings efficiently. We strive to improve constantly therefore your feedback is important to us, we will do our best to implement the required changes. There is lots to love about Ride Loca, y our Local Ride Company, for the Locals, Powered by Locals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and Picture of yourself from your phone.
2. Taxi driver badge
3. Insurance certificate
4. Photo of your car with its registration number/Make/Model/No of Seats/Saloon, Wav (rear loader/side loader)

RideLoca is a ride-hailing app that is designed to enhance overall transportation service providers wellbeing and allows greater flexibility and ensures its driver’s safety. We aim to increase
driver’s income besides their financial security. We care about our drivers by matching the demand for our service, we do not want too many drivers and not enough work for them. We try
our best to grow the business organically so the quality of the service isn’t compromised. We pay more than the industry stan dards and are incentivized to provide best-in-class service. Our
company decisions are always made firstly for the people and then for the business, therefore our city managers will be vetti ng a selected number of the drivers onto the system as per
demand. We love to work along with likeminded individuals that fit into our company culture and help us deliver excellent ser vice.

Please allow up to 7 working days after submitting your documents for approval. Our team will perform checks on your document s and will assign you a login or a start date. This depends on
the number of applications and the amount of work for our current drivers. We plan on running in house training for our drive rs before giving you a start date (due to Covid-19 pandemic in
house training option may be deferred to a later date or alternatively we may conduct training over the phone or online), it is yet to be confirmed.

You will have access to the riders name and address and contact number, besides this we have added safety feature for the dri vers and riders where a unique 4 digit (OTP) code is generated for every ride.
Drivers can only start the ride once a correct code has been entered ensuring you have the correct passenger.

Ride Loca drivers are paid according the amount of rides they have completed. All the rides and its details are saved onto t he portal and we pay our drivers directly into their preferred bank account at the
end of every week on a one week delay. This allows us time to review any disputed rides or any delayed payments.

We take 10-15% commissions depending upon your current agreement. Let’s assume you are on a 10% fixed commission and you complete £100 worth of cash jobs. You would be able to view this by going
to hamburger menu and by selecting Wallet option, this would show your account balance to be -£10 meaning you owe us this amount. For example our week runs from Sunday to Sunday with a cut of point
at midnight at start of Monday. So if you start on week beginning on Sunday the 1st of November till 8th of November you wil l have completed £100 worth of cash work, which means you owe us £10
commission which would need to be paid by Friday the 13th Nov giving you 4 business days following the working week to clear this £10 payment. Failing to do so will log you off the system till this payment
has been cleared.

Yes, we do not hold anything against our drivers to work alongside any other companies as we truly focus on boosting driver’s income by allowing them to operate and generate work from
multiple channels. Having said that we take a strong stance if you have accepted a ride through Ride Loca platform then we ex pect you to make every effort to fulfil your commitment.

If your app isn’t working as normal or stalls. It is best to delete the app and re -Install it. Such problems occur sometimes as we are constantly updating our systems, it is simpler to delete and re-Install. This should fix the problem. If, however, the problem is still there please contact our in -app chat support team to raise this issue. We will have our technical support team look into it for you. This can happen due to a number of reasons i.e. phone memory being full or battery is less than 20%.

We strictly follow the guidelines of our local cities and councils and respect all of their policies and conditions. Please r efer to your individual license guidelines for in-depth review. In this
case, you must allow disabled people and their guide animals to access your vehicle. Refusing to do so can revoke your licens e which we will automatically block the driver from our Ride Loca
platform without consulting with the driver unless the council approves the driver at later date and reinstate their license. At this point you can reapply to us with proof from the local council
and our team would be happy to look into the matter for you. This ruling would apply to all local licensing authorities condi tions.

Yes. Please contact our support team through in-app chat support for immediate response to any of your queries that you may have. Our trained support team will do their best to try and
resolve the matter for you immediately. However, if it is beyond their capacity then our senior management team will make eve ry effort to resolve your case for you as soon as possible.

We are committed to the safety of all our users. If you have been involved in an accident, please ensure all parties are sa fe. If necessary then please notify police or ambulance and contact us.

If you have found something that belongs to a RideLoca rider, then please take a picture of the item with a short description . From the application you can contact our in app support team. We can help you
arrange for its return. If we cannot locate its owner then you can hand it in at your Local Police station.

Yes you must inform us of any changes before you change the vehicle and accept any work through Ride Loca application. We wo uld need to update your details on the system so the passengers have correct
details besides this is a requirement from local council for safety of the drivers and passengers. It can sometimes take up to 24hrs for details to be updated so please leave plenty notice. Failing to do so
means that you will be breaching your local licensing conditions, this can lead to revoking of your of your taxi license.